educaional pagesEvery story has a message

  •   Everyone needs to learn
  •   Practice Makes Perfect
  •   Exercise & Play Daily

Learn Social Skills

  •   How to make friends
  •   Face your fears
  •   Be a good sport

Educational Content

  •   Animal Characteristics
  •   Nature Information
  •   Vocabulary Definitions

Teacher Curriculum

  •   Language Arts
  •   Math
  •   Science
  •   Art Class

Website Benefits

  •   Children’s Game Section
  •   Coloring & Activity Book
  •   Videos
  •   Troll Patrol (Bully Prevention)

Children’s Cookbook  

  • Easy to make recipes that children can do themselves
  • Snack, sweets, drinks and crafts!
  • Funny names like Troll Snot
  • Many made into videos that can be seen on Troll TV

The Hamilton Troll Children’s Story Series is the brainchild of author, Kathleen J. Shields. It is her dream to make Hamilton Troll a household name through the entertainment and education of children. Her goal is for children to learn while having fun, improve their reading skills, build their vocabulary and enhance their world knowledge through the simplistic adventures of Hamilton Troll.

Hamilton Troll can be anyone. He is small, curious and excited about learning. He is sometimes afraid but with his friends he is able to do anything.

Encourage your children to read about Hamilton Troll or read to them at bedtime. Use some of the activities to promote their socialization and education and spread the word to friends, family, teachers and neighbors. Everyone benefits including you!