Who is Hamilton Troll?

HT waveHamilton is the character I created to be an ambassador of education for children. His inquisitive nature, adventurous spirit and curious wonder allows him to ask the questions, go on the adventures and meet the characters who will teach him and the children.

My goal is that Hamilton Troll will become a mentor to the children. Teaching others what he learns and taking them along on each of his adventure. This will help even the shyest child pull out of their shell in order to explore.

I want children to grow with Hamilton Troll. To share his adventures with others and help them by becoming mentors themselves to the new kid or a child who looks lonely. This is why Hamilton is going to travel the world. trollpatrolbc2He will be introduced to other friends and broaden his mind to various cultures and areas. I want to make the world a smaller, friendlier place and I want to do that through Hamilton Troll.

 ~ Kathleen J. Shields – Author

The Book Series

2015 Best Educational Children’s Series – TAA

10booksaward (Medium)

With 10 books in this ever-growing series, Hamilton Troll will be teaching children how to make friends, face their fears, practice makes perfect, eat right and exercise, don’t be a bully and don’t take things and soon, how to be a good loser. Children will also learn vocabulary words, the names of Texas Wildflowers, how petrified wood is made, where fossils come from, that bees are colorblind, that owls need to be taught how to hoot and so much more! There is a book for everyone.

These stories are fun to read. The bouncy rhyme keeps momentum and assists children in the learning process. The vibrant illustrations enthrall young children and draw them into the story. The goal with the Hamilton Troll Adventures is to provide a fun, entertaining story with so any educational qualities – children don’t even realize how much they are learning.

“I want reading to be fun, but it also needs to be educational. I do both with Hamilton Troll.” ~ Kathleen