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Hamilton Troll

(A short chap with a cheery smile, whose face can be seen as far as a mile)


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Hamilton Troll

   The word troll brings about fear and disgust in many people. There are plenty of stories and variations of troll species, most of which exhibit unfavorable traits and bad behaviors. Some say trolls are ugly, hairy giants with hooked noses and humps on their backs. They’ve also been known to smell bad and do mean things, but that is just a stereotype. Not all Trolls are disagreeable and mean. Some trolls live around people and manage to get along and interact quite well; they also love animals and can be quite creative.

There are dozens of types of trolls that vary in size and appearance. There are forest trolls, ice trolls, river trolls, bog trolls, rock trolls, desert trolls, mountain trolls, stone trolls, hill trolls, cave trolls, snow trolls, and so many more. While that seems like a lot, there are also various types of magical creatures that are very similar to trolls like; elves, dwarfs, gnomes, leprechauns, sprites, assorted faeries and a huge list of other unpronounceable international creatures. Depending on where the story originates on the earth, Norway, Scandinavia or abouts, the name too, takes on its own very special meaning.

Trolls are known for taking on the general characteristics of their natural surroundings, but with the age of modern technology, transportation and such, trolls have grown with the times. They have sprouted out, explored the world and over time adapted to become helpful additions to natures society. Hamilton Troll is an excellent example of this, but before we get into that, we should explore his origins first.



ht fix tie2While Hamilton’s past is mostly an unknown, we know that he did have a mother who taught him to take pride in his attire and clothes. She taught him to always look his best: (Wearing neck tie and vest, he was taught to look good. He was taught by his mother, that he always should). The general consensus is that Hamilton’s mother must have been a Norwegian female troll which are said to be beautiful small humanoids with red-hair. This is where Hamilton gets his colorful yet visible tangled red hair.

Hamilton’s father however is an unknown. There are thoughts that he was a Tomte, a small three foot tall creature with a kind face, who wears knitted caps and is attracted to bright colors. Some think he was a Risi, a heroic and courtly being, but very little is known about them. Others have said he might have been a helpful elf or a curious gnome. Gnomes are small humanoid creatures that live under the ground. The fact that Hamilton chooses to live in a hole, next to a chopped down tree could be indicative to his gnome genetics. The important part is that Hamilton Troll won’t be defined be his past predecessors.


Intelligence & Behaviors

hamilton lightbulb2Folklore and fairytales are not accessible to Hamilton in the woods that he lives in, so he hasn’t read about how mean and horrible most trolls can be. His mother was nice to him and so he is nice to others. (He walks through the woods, helping all of the bugs, gather food, nuts and grain and giving out hugs) He is curious about everything and wants to explore the world, going on adventures, asking questions and learning about this beautiful planet.

Once Hamilton learns something; he enjoys sharing what he’s learned with others. Education is very important to Hamilton, both his own, and in doing so for others. While Hamilton is not college educated, he doesn’t feel that should be a stop-factor, as he feels he has something genuinely important to share with children; love, guidance and understanding.


Roles with Humans

Whether Hamilton Troll realizes it or not, he is leading the way towards a better understanding of the once disgusted troll species. Not all trolls are made equal and Hamilton aims to prove just that by being the ambassador of education for this generation. So fear not, the fact that Hamilton is a small green troll is a wonderful thing, because he alone intends on changing the perspectives of the planet, one happy child at a time.


Physical Characteristics

His head is the shape of an upside down pear, and it’s topped with a mop of tangled red hair. He wears a flat hat with a patch on the rim, so everyone he knows will be sure to find him. His eyes are like chocolate, big brown and fat. His pants are red-patched on the place that he sat. His heart is as big as a giant brick house, even though Hamilton is as small as a mouse.


Educational Aspects

Through his curious nature, Hamilton Troll learns about animal characteristics: Young skunks cannot control their scent gland, bees are color blind, owls need to be taught how to hoot, beaver teeth are constantly growing.htcampfire

Through his interactions with others, Hamilton learns various social skills; how to make friends, face your fears, practice makes perfect, do not bully, do not steal…

When he asks questions, he learns scientific data, like; how petrified wood is made, where fossils come from and the names of Texas wildflowers.

As his adventures continue in this educational children’s book series, Hamilton will learn even more and thus teach the children reading his stories. Children can inevitably grow-up with Hamilton Troll, learning with him and from him, all while reading these fun rhyming stories.