Hi, I am Hamilton Troll and here are some of my latest thoughts about the world around me:

♥ Last weekend I hamiltonframesaw a little girl sitting at a table and another woman was painting a flower on her cheek. It was a very pretty flower and it made me wonder… who paints all of those colorful flowers every spring?

♥ Today I watched and listened as a little boy picked up one of my books and read it to his mommy. He was five years old.

♥ The other day I came across a small glass container with a metal lid that had holes in it.  Rachael Raccoon says it is called a salt shaker.  I have asked lightning bugs to move in and now I have light at night! You can see them in the book “Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel

♥ Did you know that Pink light Sprite is hidden in one of the pages in each one of my books? I found her. Can you?

♥ According to Amara Armadillo her armor makes her the best Stick-Nut catcher ever.  See her in the book “Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk