The Book Series

There are 12 books in the ‘meets’ series plus a coloring and activity book, and soon, a curriculum book and a cookbook for children. We are also anticipating taking Hamilton on a trip around the world by beginning the ‘visits’ series which may even include an ‘America’ series. Hamilton Troll is just getting started!!

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We’ve developed multiple educational activities for children including the curriculum, language arts, math and science worksheets to continue the education in the classroom or home-school environment. There are reading comprehension quizzes for each book, crossword puzzles and word searches, even mazes, so it is always fun to work with Hamilton Troll.

PAWS for Friendship – Antibullying

Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat presented a unique perspective on bullying from a younger child’s position. Rudy didn’t know the proper way to get another child’s attention so he poked fun at them and laughed.

When the children go to Hamilton Troll, he realizes that the children need to take charge. They need to let Rudy know that he can’t do those mean things to them, but instead, they’d like him to join them in their fun and games.

This book not only teaches children how to make friends but how to deal with difficult situations through teamwork and understanding.  A great new take on bullying and how to resolve the issue.

Petrified Wood & Lessons

When Hamilton Troll meets Elwood Woodpecker, Elwood has just discovered petrified wood the hard way. Sitting there with a headache, Hamilton learns who woodpeckers drill holes in wood and then determines that they should learn more about this stone-wood substance.

When they visit the beaver brothers they learn about Beaver dams as well as how beaver teeth are constantly growing and they get to take all of that knowledge, including how petrified wood is made, and in-turn teach it to the other forest animals.

This book makes the lessons easy to understand and children tend to not even realize how much they are learning when they read it. A great educational experience to take outdoors!

Texas Wildflowers

When Hamilton Troll meets Barney Bee curiosity and imagination takes over. In this story Hamilton hears the loud buzzing of bee frolicking to and from various wildflowers and so he strikes up a conversation with him.

Throughout the story, Hamilton learns that bees are colorblind – they can’t see the color red, and that male drone bees don’t sting. Hamilton also wonders what he would do if he had wings, where would he go, what would he see?

The story takes a turn when Barney lifts off a flower and promptly drops to the ground. The message of eat right and exercise is touched upon.

At the end of the book, the author showcases the various Texas wildflowers Barney visited in the story and provides their names so when young children see those flowers in bloom they will be able to point them out. A great book for springtime.

Hi, I am Hamilton Troll and here are some of my latest thoughts about the world around me:

♥ Last weekend I hamiltonframesaw a little girl sitting at a table and another woman was painting a flower on her cheek. It was a very pretty flower and it made me wonder… who paints all of those colorful flowers every spring?

♥ Today I watched and listened as a little boy picked up one of my books and read it to his mommy. He was five years old.

♥ The other day I came across a small glass container with a metal lid that had holes in it.  Rachael Raccoon says it is called a salt shaker.  I have asked lightning bugs to move in and now I have light at night! You can see them in the book “Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel

♥ Did you know that Pink light Sprite is hidden in one of the pages in each one of my books? I found her. Can you?

♥ According to Amara Armadillo her armor makes her the best Stick-Nut catcher ever.  See her in the book “Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk