So much information about Beavers

So the ladies are working on the next book of the series “Hamilton Troll meets Elwood Woodpecker” and while I figured I’d be learning a lot about woodpeckers, it seems there’s even more information to learn about beavers!  In fact, there is an entire page on the website dedicated to beavers.

  • Beaver fur is thick.beavers swimming
  • Beaver tails are flat.
  • Beavers have webbed feet.
  • Beaver teeth grow back.
  • I learned what beavers eat, how they act, where they live.
  • Do you know why they build their dams?
  • Do you know how long the largest beaver dam is?

Have you read our own Leigh A. Klug’s concept legend “Why Beavers Build Dams“?

If not, check out the page now, it’s quite an interesting and informative read!

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